How Can You Not Love That Whiskered Face?

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November is Manatee Awareness Month. I first discovered the gentle manatee many summers ago at SeaWorld, while on a family vacation to Florida. I found these huge creatures captivating and stayed at the tank watching them much longer than my family would have liked. Known for their gentle, slow nature, they are sometimes playful, andRead more

The Underappreciated and Disrespected Sloth Has its Own Day

Today is International Sloth Day! Of course there is a day to honor this adorable, under-appreciated creature. While its name is often used as a slur to describe lazy individuals, the poor sloth is slow because it has no choice in the matter.  Whether two- or three-toed, the sloth is simply not built for speed.Read more

Who Needs Technology? Punxsutawney’s Got a Special Groundhog

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  Groundhog Day, celebrated on February 2, like many other holidays, started with a pagan festival, in this case celebrating the beginning of spring by the Celts. Like many other traditions, this came to America via Europe. Going back to the ancient Romans, each February, people would watch for hedgehogs (or badgers, depending on yourRead more

Bats Get a Bad Rap, But We Need Them to Survive

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National Bat Week is October 24 – 31! Started last year, Bat Week is intended to bring attention to the importance of these unique mammals, as well as the threats they face. Though feared and mistrusted, bats are shy and gentle as well as important to our survival. Bats help agriculture Bats are wonderful pollinatorsRead more

A Reason to Go Poking Around in the Dark

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I just learned that we are halfway through National Moth Week. We have an entire week to celebrate moths! As interesting as I find this, as someone who suffers from lepidopterophobia, this is an event I will observe from afar. (My fear of butterflies stems from a relative’s misguided attempts at humor when I wasRead more