Why Do Graduations Brings on Such Strong Emotions?

When I became a parent of college grads, I was somewhat surprised to realize that I shed more tears at the high school ceremonies than the college ones. Somehow this didn’t make sense. This may be in part because there were several of “my kids” graduating from high school – my own children, their friends, and those who I watched […]

Tonight is our high school graduation. Though I will not be attending, I am thinking of those students and their families. My kids have already reached this milestone. I know some who are walking tonight and others who will join them as alumni in the years to come. Four times I have sat in the high school bleachers, waiting for […]

Commencement Looks Different from the Other Side

I’ll be honest; I remember almost nothing from my college commencement speech. In fact, I had to look up who the speaker was. I remember the sights of the day: the chairs lined up on the grassy area between academic buildings, the stage in front of me, the crowds filling the folding chairs and standing behind them, small children running […]

Being a Parent at Your Alma Mater

It’s time to celebrate this boy. When I walked across the stage 30 years ago to receive my college diploma I was thinking of what I accomplished. While I was hopeful for the future, it wasn’t the time to dwell on where I would be a week a month or years later. I was living in the moment. When my […]