IMG_8723-1c flippedHi! I am a freelance writer who loves to learn about new things and then write about them. I started my publishing career working as an assistant editor at a biweekly computer trade journal (unless you count my college newspaper).  More recently my work has appeared in  parenting websites as well as at Pacific Standard, Racked and Reader’s Digest., I am also a regular writer at Sciencing.com and Work+Money. Common topics include parenting (particularly teens and young adults), education, travel, nature, and social issues (especially the challenges of homelessness). I invite you to take a look at my blogs as well as my column “Life on the Other Side” at Sammiches and Psych Meds which can be accessed by clicking on the links above.

When I am not writing articles and blog posts, I am at work on a middle grade historical novel or spending time with my family. I love the outdoors, whether it be at the beach or the mountains, especially if there is flowing water nearby. I usually have my camera along with me; most of the photos scattered throughout this site are mine.

Thanks for stopping by!