Why Do Graduations Brings on Such Strong Emotions?

When I became a parent of college grads, I was somewhat surprised to realize that I shed more tears at the high school ceremonies than the college ones. Somehow this didn’t make sense. This may be in part because there were several of “my kids” graduating from high school – my own children, their friends, and those who I watched […]

New Book Admits That Teens Can Sometimes Be Hard to Love

Loving HARD When They’re Hard to Love, Essays on Raising Teens in Today’s Complex, Chaotic World by Whitney Fleming, is not a parenting book in the traditional sense but rather the story of becoming a parent and how that role changes and grows, just as a child does from infancy through teenager. The book is separated into three sections. Section […]

A Guide To Better Decision-Making

WISE DECISIONS: A Science-Based Approach to Making Better Decisions  by Dr. Jim Loehr and Dr. Sheila Ohlsson is a useful guide to understanding the science behind our decision-making and, more importantly, how to use this knowledge to make even better decisions. This book makes you stop and think. It’s obvious, but have you considered that beliefs are merely opinions? And […]

15 Teen-Approved Ways to Say I Love You

Each February, after we get over the excitement of a weather-predicting rodent, the world becomes full of pink and red hearts and silly bow-and-arrow-carrying cherubs. It is natural around this time to think about ways to let our loved ones know how we feel. Though teenagers sometimes act as though they don’t want to give or receive love, they do. […]

Parenting Teens Is More Guiding and Advising Than Controlling

My love affair with the ocean began in my teens when my parents became friends with a man who soon became family. He had a boat that he used for pleasure and chartering small fishing trips. Breaking his long-standing rule of “No women on the boat,” he invited the family out for an afternoon (of four family members, three of […]

Is it Possible to Be Too Old to Trick-or-Treat?

Teenagers occupy a strange in-between world. They are no longer children, but they are not yet adults. They are quick to abandon “babylike” things, then almost as quick to regret that they have done so. It is during the teen years that many of us start to wonder why we ever wished so hard to grow up faster. Trick-or-treating is […]

Tonight is our high school graduation. Though I will not be attending, I am thinking of those students and their families. My kids have already reached this milestone. I know some who are walking tonight and others who will join them as alumni in the years to come. Four times I have sat in the high school bleachers, waiting for […]