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Branching Out — On a Limb


bird, Outer Banks, NC

Now I have done it. I caved to the pressure. I have repeatedly been told I need to expand my online presence. “Facebook is not enough,” they said. “Join us on Snapchat and Instagram,” they said. “You don’t have a Twitter account? You really must.”

Last night, I signed up for Twitter. That is all I did. Under “Your timeline” it informs me “You are now on Twitter” and the conversation begins:

“Tell your friends what’s happening.”
Well, I just got on Twitter, isn’t that obvious?
“Check your timeline.”
There is nothing there.
“Follow, Follow, Follow.”
Okay, but who do I want to follow?
“People and organizations that you are interested in.”
Easier said than done.
Then “Start now!”

Hmm, now I have an account, and a name. It seems that the first post should be something witty, something that will say something about me. Later posts can let the world know what I am doing, but don’t I need to start by giving them a reason to care? Yep, I’ve got nothing. Once I do get an idea, though, what about that limit? I do like concise writing, but that is ridiculous!

With so much out there, how do I chose who and what to follow? An obvious start for me would be authors I enjoy reading. But I will never get any work done if I follow EVERYONE I am interested in. Choosing just a few would be like picking one favorite book. And organizations? I will never have time to read everything posted!

I am not so sure I like the idea of social media bossing me around, but a valid point is made. Why bother joining if I’m not going to use it, so I guess I have to start now. Now you can find me on Twitter: @KimberlyYavo

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2 thoughts on “Branching Out — On a Limb

  1. kyavorski

    Butt is in chair. The posting and tweeting is after the writing. Snapchat and Insta are staying in touch with the kids. I have multiple submissions out currently. Reading is mostly taking the place of TV watching. My routine is not perfect, but I am making progress.