When I Grow Up

A Day in Grandma’s Life

diary-jpgNov 29 – Imagine a typical day for a female ancestor. What time did she wake up, and what did she do throughout the day?

Thanks to my grandmother’s diary, I don’t have to imagine this. An excerpt from her diary:

July 9, 1936

Dear Diary,

Arose at 8:30. Ate and dressed. Cleaned upstairs today. Ate lunch. Finished upstairs, Mom scrubbed her room I scrubbed mine. Feel terrible lazy. Well finally finished, Honey came home. We ate supper. Dressed. We went up to see Benny Daniels about the truck ride. George Stitch went with us. He said he would take them for $7.00. Well we took a walk around. Came down as far as Morris. Got a bottle of root beer each. Came home and went to bed at 9:15. Got a lend of 35 cents off Pop.