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Nov 30 –  write a brief biography of yourself

Since this is one of my least favorite things to do (after all, biographies are written about other people), I am going to simply drop links here as I have some personal, autobiographical pieces already published, both on this blog and on other sites. Here goes:

In the Beginning …

Leaving the Comfort Zone Is Not So Bad

What a Difference a Year Makes

Are Early Memories a Blueprint for Life?

Big News – Another Hat for Me!

Confessions of a Chronic Volunteer

Working on the Bucket List, One Event at a Time

8 Things My Kids Taught Me About Me

Who Am I and What Do I Want to Be Now That I’m Grown Up?

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Kimberly is a freelance writer who loves to learn about new things and then write about them. She is rarely caught outdoors without her camera. Links to her work can be found on her website www.kimberlyyavorski.com.

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