When I Grow Up

I’m Back

This title is a little tongue in cheek, but true. Since I know that I have a few people following this, I feel I need to give some explanation as to where I have been all this time. The holiday season was a difficult one for me and I dropped out of sight for a few months. There have been some heath issues that I may or may not go into here, but as it turns out, nothing serious and I am back. Back to living, back to writing. Although I had seemingly abandoned the blog, I have been working on my book and am happy with the progress thus far (though I had hoped to be further along by now). I started working on a couple blog posts, but either wasn’t happy with them or wasn’t sure about posting with all the time that had passed (so I let more time pass – makes sense, huh?).

The past few months have been a blur. Though I have experienced senior year as a parent three times already, I forgot how much happens in so little time. Rereading my initial post, I note with alarm that I am much closer to that time when my day job becomes obsolete. Back in the fall, I stated a goal of posting more regularly. Then life got in the way. Let’s try this again.