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Living an Ordinary Life, on Purpose

In our Pinterest-perfect world, the last thing most people will admit to is being ordinary. Instead, we strive to be more, have more. Our Facebook feeds are filled with highlight reels. We see the exciting lives of our “friends,” some of whom we might not engage with regularly in real life. But think about it:  isn’t it in the ordinary that we derive the most satisfaction? Isn’t it the “ordinary” things that bring us joy?

Mikala Albertson certainly thinks so. In her book Ordinary on Purpose, she lays out a convincing case for embracing the ordinary. She reveals personal details about her life and her marriage that are unimaginable to many. A victim of abuse as a child and wife of a recovering addict, Albertson doesn’t sugarcoat life’s challenges. Instead, she confronts them head on, with cautious optimism, despite her doubts.

While the book relates her struggles, as a wife, a med student and new mother, it also shows her resilience, and the strong influence of her faith. She admits to getting caught up in the unattainable search for perfection and talks about her epiphany: discovering that the things she loved most were everyday, dare we say it, “ordinary” events.

While we may not relate to her specific experiences, all of us can learn from Albertson’s journey to self-acceptance.  She talks about the need we, as humans, feel to be part of the inner Circle (whatever group that may look like in our lives) then reveals a secret, one that many of us need to hear: The Circle isn’t real. There’s no one inside. We’re all on the outside.

In revealing her personal struggles, Mikala Albertson encourages the rest of us to be honest with ourselves, as she has, and to set aside the pursuit of perfection. This book clearly shows us that true joy in life in found in the ordinary. Doesn’t it then make sense to embrace the ordinary, on purpose?

Note: Though an advance digital copy of this book was provided free of charge, no compensation was made for this review and the opinions are exclusively mine. KY

One thought on “Living an Ordinary Life, on Purpose

  1. Mikala Albertson

    Wow!!! This is amazing, my friend. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this. I’m so grateful for you!!!