When I Grow Up

Weighing the Options

As I have been repeatedly been told, the options are endless. I can be anything I want to be. So, what do I want to be?

I guess going back to school is one option. I can reconsider Law School, get a teacher’s certificate or Masters in Education or (theoretically, at least) reconsider veterinary school. The last one is out; there is too much undergrad work needed to make it a realistic possibility and the cost involved would have me working into old age just to break even. Law School is possible, but the same issues that originally caused me to toss that idea still exist. The education idea still has possibilities, though I decided (after much consideration) that I don’t want to teach high school (which would be my only option with the certificate program), and I can’t bring myself to take on the expense of the Masters right now with little to no guarantee of having a job after graduation (plus, I would have to take a math class before even applying to a program – they all seem to require two college math classes now; I only took one).

Okay, so no school for right now. Other options: retail – nice because you can leave it at work; flexible hours, but maybe a hassle because of the hours, especially at holidays; good because you move around and get exercise, uh, this body isn’t used to all that exercise (ouch!). Wait staff- mostly the same as retail, money can be slightly better. Office staff – nice because you don’t have to be on your feet, yet again not, because you sit all day.  Publishing – sounds good, but (except for local papers) would require lengthy commute. With the way the world has changed in the past 20+ years, I am likely looking at entry level, which may not pay enough to make it worthwhile.

Working from home: Find a non-scam work-at-home option (how do you do that?) Start my own business (pick only one idea?)

Revisiting the past might give me options:

Veterinary staff (loved the job, didn’t like working nights and weekends.) There are not many openings for these jobs, day or night staff.

Stall cleaner – not in the pay scale I am considering. I also would like to dress up occasionally.

Selling Rainbows (these were vacuums, but may as well have been the colorful things in the sky).

Waitress (see above concerns)

Cashier for Macy’s, Gift Shop, Shop Rite (ditto)

Tupperware Consultant (might have earned enough to cover the cost of gas, but I have a full cabinet of Tupperware products)

Data entry (worked with very nice people, but job itself was dreadfully dull)

Theme Reader – another job I loved, but to do it right, I spent too much time to make the pay worthwhile.

Assistant Editor – loved the job, hated that I had no time because of the “must-dos” in my time off.

Right about now, I am thinking that working is extremely overrated.